Isaac Monté x Toby Kiers | The Art of Deception

When the intrinsic conglomeration between art and science meet at the apex of technological, revolutionary discovery; the unfamiliar will ponder about the implications of transmodern alchemy. Some might call it necromantic, but  the collaboration between the altruistic duo, Isaac Monté and Toby Kiers, is a socially-aware  mirage of a future where aesthetic and true inner-beauty inverts to face reality.

Production: Isaac Monté x Toby Kiers | Words: Ryan de Jong

In their exhibit, “The Art of Deception”, creators Isaac Monté x Toby Kiers vehemently challenge contemporary notions of beauty by presenting twenty-one, decellularized organs as the mediums for their artistic adaptation of a concept: society’s use of deception as a vehicle to achieve perfection or the perception thereof.

With a keen attraction to the implications of the process of decellularization, the duo experimented with their own methods of repopulating organic matter to suite their interpretations of self-actualization in a new-world of unfamiliar science, art, and technology. From glowing human hearts using incandescent liquid chemicals, to designer monograms embossed onto organic tissue; the decisive contradiction between the macabre reality of one’s innards breached by society’s perception of beauty became starkly apparent.

On the same hand, by re-imagining biological invention, the creators successfully disseminated archaic knowledge through their artwork in an effort to spread awareness for the process of decellularization and what it means for society-at-large. Their display called “The Art of Deception” is a portal to a future where science can be used as an accessible way to reshape our bodies and the world around us; impervious to the influence of age and disease.

Special thanks to Zonmw, the netherlands organization for health research and development, for funding this instrumental project in technological, societal, and artistic development.

In collaboration with Professor Toby Kiers (Free University Amsterdam). Commissioned by Bio Art & Design Awards, with the support of ZonMw (The Netherlands Organization for Health Research and Development).

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