Long Tran’s purposeful creations are perhaps the musings of an intergalactic traveler, an evil genius turned creative savant, or all of the above. As a high-fashion, avant garde design house, Long Tran is insistent that fashion should be expressed in an original way and admits that he draws inspiration from an organic process derived solely on the landscapes of his imagination. With a sort of media deprivation, the adept designer is able to translate the bold images of his mind into an unfiltered sculpture of fabric.

Nevertheless, Long Tran‘s obsession with design innovation has paid off substantially. Shoes from his “Longenecker” line appeared on the famous feet of mother-monster herself, Lady Gaga, first at Roseland then at various locations internationally. Manufactured in-house, Tran’s truly exceptional shoe lines are a glimpse into an otherworldly, dreamscape where all our notions of right and wrong merge into this fashion-forward equilibrium of design brilliance.

The men’s line is like the marriage of hard and sharp objects conceptualized into holy, geometric shapes. Tran creates a sort of sci-fi priest in a perfected long-coat from another dimension. Like something akin to Gary Ross’ 2012 Film “The Hunger Games” and the celebrated kabuki actor Bandō Tamasaburō V, Long Tran brings out the best collaboration of space-age nuance and ancient, cultural tradition in his out of this world Fall/Winter line: Hip No Tech.

For the ladies, we see a stark contrast in color from their counterparts. Garments shrouded in chartreuse and gilded in dark patterned designs and chromatic accents evoking the setting or rising sun.


– Credits –
Designer: Long Tran
Photo: Long Tran
Photo Assist: Elizabeth Soles
Style: Drew Brando, Yvette Aguilar
Makeup: Drew Brando, Yvette Aguilar
Model: Brandon Bailey @ Adam , Vanessa Villegas @ Compass Model