Oh Wonder | No One Else Can Wear Your Crown

3.8Overall Score

The rise and rise of electronic pop music’s premier songwriting duo Oh Wonder should be a massive cause of continued celebration for all of those who like their pop songs meaningful, creative, catchy, and suffused with a dose of melancholy just large enough to hook in those seeking depth in their listening experiences. This third full-length from the adopted Nashvillians continues their ascent to the top of the tree in their genre.

The duo of Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht complement one another vocally with such beauty and easy grace that songs such as “Better Now” and “Happy” both dealing with darker issues and elements of life can surprise. This is no sugary, feather-weight pop. This is music of real depth and weight. “Hallelujah” employs beautiful strings in its exploration of celebrity, whilst “How It Goes” is carried along by a skittering beat as its lilting piano figure takes us in to a wistful dose of melancholy. Don’t sleep on this band a moment longer. (www.ohwondermusic.com)

| Reviewed by: Haydon Spenceley for Orenda Magazine |