As a moniker for the modern, urban sophisticate, Parker XL is an extraordinary stylist and creative aficionado who embodies the impeccable eclecticism of a fashion guru who challenges common perceptions of beauty.

Photos: Christie Rachelle, Peter Mallet     |    Words: Ryan de Jong     |   Twitter: @orendamagazine

With a keen, artistic foresight, even at the young age of 14, Parker XL immersed himself in the intricate and often eccentric world of modern art. From the blasé, unscrupulous, and obsessive geometry of Amy Feldmen to the hallucinogenic, melting-pot installations of SoftCircle’s Hisham Bharoocha, PXL was fascinated by the “sky’s the limit” mentality of the creative industry.

Parker XL

Ryan: Despite your early interests, however, fashion was not always on the hypothetical menu. Do you remember the epiphany moment?

PXL: “I was whisked away like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ” he admits with fortitude and a subtle chuckle “I really had no interest or thoughts about fashion until my junior high school sewing class. I procrastinated up to the night my final project was due so, in a whirlwind of fabric, I started draping the mannequins. No sketches other than the thoughts in my head. It was to my great surprise that almost all of my entire graduating class wanted to wear my creation! I saw this as an opportunity, one that I’ve continued to hone through a variety of ways to this day.”

Parker XL

Like a true entrepreneur, Parker XL continued to carve his way through the minute-by-minute fashion industry with vigor and sheer, unabashed talent. After working tirelessly on his accessories line, he was offered the unique opportunity to style a select group of musical artists performing during the All Around The World Tour including: OMG Girlz and Lil Chuckee. For the first time, his styling capabilities and custom designs were showcased on a worldwide platform.

Ryan: This must have been an amazing experience which helped open other doors for you. What came next for Parker XL?

PXL: “This was really the moment in my life where I felt so gracious to God for giving me the drive and passion to carry me here. I finally had the means necessary to launch my own accessories label called Parcs and Parker. Still a work in progress we are pushing in full-force to launch commercially within the year, but we do have certain items available, including: leather goods and men’s accessories, for purchase and wardrobe pulls for events and appearances.”

With a boisterous, self-confidence that lights up a room and a “larger than life aura” that coincides so perfectly with his surname of “XL”, it is hard to imagine a time where such qualities were a struggle for the young Parker. Always challenging the normative ways of society, PXL found himself the outcast of his peers, save for a few of his close friends, during his younger years.

Ryan: Regardless of the bullying and the taunting, you never let them dissuade you from your destiny, in fact, you used it as motivation.

PXL: “My experiences only inspired me more to challenge the world’s common perceptions of beauty and normal expression. Anyone can make a size 0 model look great, but what about the everyday individual going through hardships? What about a cancer patient just trying to live day-to-day? It is my goal, as an artist-designer-stylist, to bring out the best in people in all walks of life. Whether it be behind the lens of a high-glamour fashion caricature or styling for an everyday, Jenny from the Block.”

Parker XL | Orenda Magazine
With an urban edge, a dash of color, but always a silhouette of class, Parker XL is a visionary whose young career has been a cycle of innovative self-invention reaped by hardworking passion and he has only just begun.

Ryan: In one phrase or sentence, tell us something you think other, like-minded individuals could benefit from by hearing.

PXL: “Never give up, anything is possible!”


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