Former Baltimore Orioles, minor league ball-player, Rod Lopez, is an independent filmmaker directing over 30 music videos in a single year. Known in the industry as the “Man on the Go”, Lopez is arguably the busiest individual in the indie-film and directorial, creative scene. Boasting an impressive body of work comprised of narrative films, documentaries, musical collaborations, and intrinsic cinematography, to call this hard-hitting director busy would be an understatement.

His project, The D, is a collaboration with True Magazine’s “You Got Next” featured artist Black Jewelz. Successfully establishing Lopez’s precision and attention to detail, the video combines static symbols, contrasted lighting, and flowing cinematography to impact a captivated audience. Click here for a peek of the production to see why Lopez thrives behind the camera as well as in the editing room. Forever a film pioneer, Rod Lopez is a man unafraid to push the envelope while maintaining a concise, artistic message.

Rod Lopez

With a passion for humanitarianism, Lopez’s, Moment of Silence, by Brooklyn born Rapper Ray West. This important, call-to-action film, sheds light and brings awareness to the killings of Black teenagers in America like Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin. True to pattern, Lopez plans to follow up with, Where You Are, by Washington, DC native Rylan Mahoney. Having lost his mother, during childhood, to the negligence of a drunk driver, Lopez is an avid supporter of media projects which seek to inspire people to make a positive impact in the lives of those around them. Undertakings, such as these, are central to Lopez’s creative motivations.

Since his arrival on the scene in 2001, the filmmaker has been working tirelessly on a slew of cinema projects. According to IMDb, Lopez has filmed, produced, and directed over 400 projects. This, in addition to the work done by the corporate division of his company, New Style Independent Pictures. If this wasn’t impressive enough, he’s on an award-winning streak for his work as a film director, which has garnered him critical acclaim at several film festivals across the country.

Rob Lopez

Whether it be humanitarian effort, musical affair, or capitalizing on a creative idea, Rod Lopez is always true to form. With an impressive filmography and an industriousness matched only by his good-nature, it’s no wonder why he is positioned for continued success for years to come.

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| Words: Ryan de Jong for Orenda Magazine |



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