The Slow Readers Club | The Joy of the Return

3.8Overall Score

Ever since the Arctic Monkeys burst onto the music scene nearly 15 years ago, British indie rock has enjoyed something of a renaissance. The history of this music surely extends beyond 2005, but since Alex Turner and co. started singing about dancefloors and afternoon views, the bands cropping up in their shadow have become ten-a-penny.

It’s for this reason that albums like The Joy of the Return, the latest from Manchester-based The Slow Readers Club, have become so seemingly infrequent. It’s an album that, quite assuredly, raises its head above the parapet, combining their trademark indie and alternative stylings with poppier and more muscular compositions. Highlights include “Jericho,” “All the Idols,” and closing track “The Wait.” It all adds up to some of the most immediately compelling indie pop released in a long while. 

A surprising and effortless release, The Joy of the Return feels like the start of something big for the band. One only hopes that they can keep this element of surprise going into the future. (






| Reviewed by: Michael Watkins for Orenda Magazine |